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Plant Disease Clinic

Diagnosticians investigate plant problems using different techniques

The Plant Disease Clinic is a service lab that provides diagnosis and plant pathogen testing for commercial growers, service professionals, and home growers. We consult with expert faculty and provide recommendations to prevent and treat the plant problems we diagnose.  The Plant Disease Clinic is a member of the  National Plant Diagnostic Network.

We work in partnership with Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE). Your local VCE agent may be able to diagnose the problem, and if no further diagnostic testing is recommended, no charge will be incurred. 

In some cases, laboratory diagnostic testing is recommended (e.g.  to confirm, investigate or rule out plant problems with similar symptoms ).  We test for plant pathogenic fungi, bacteria, some viruses, and other plant pathogens. We diagnose abiotic problems and identify non-weedy plants.

Please refer to the “Submitting Samples” page for detailed information on submitting samples and fees. The fee ensures the long-term sustainability of our diagnostic services.

Southern Plant Diagnostic Network Member
National Plant Diagnostic Network Member