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Megan O'Rourke

Associate Professor
Megan O'Rourke
401D Saunders Hall
Blacksburg, Va. 24061


I am an agroecologist in the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences.  I seek to develop innovative crop production strategies that minimize pesticide use and promote on-farm conservation.  Most of my research is field oriented and conducted on-farm with farmer collaborators. I maintain research projects in the U.S. and S.E. Asia. My preference is to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and to explore the human dimensions and policy implications of the research.


  • Agroecology
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Pollinator Conservation
  • Landscape Ecology


  • Ph.D. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University
  • M.S. Entomology; Agronomy, Iowa State University
  • B.S. Biology, Stony Brook University

Research areas of interest include: ecosystem services, ecological pest management, pollinator conservation, and climate change. Recent research projects include:

  1. Developing integrated pest management strategies for vegetables in Cambodia, Nepal, and Bangladesh; 
  2. Modeling the impacts of landscape diversity and pollinator habitats on the production of collards, tomatoes, strawberries, and squash; 
  3. Integrating wildflowers into pasture systems to conserve pollinators; and 
  4. Using drones for wildflower surveys.
  • ALS 3404: Ecological Agriculture

Associate Professor of Agroecology | 2019-present
School of Plant & Environmental Sciences
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Assistant Professor of Agroecology | 2013-2019
Department of Horticulture
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Senior Environment Advisor | 2012-2013
AAAS Science & Technology Policy International Fellow
USAID Cambodia

Agricultural Climate Change Advisor | 2010-2012
AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

  • U.S. Presidential Early Career Award for Science & Engineering (PECASE), 2019
  • VT College of Agriculture Global Scholar, 2018
  • Fralin Life Sciences Young Investigator Award, 2015
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